Jacksonville Job Corps Center

Student Success at Jacksonville Job Corps

July 31st, 2011

Jacksonville Job Corps student Jean Villanoy was selected as one of Jacksonville Job Corps student success to be featured on MTC’s ”What’s Happening  VideoMagazine ”. Jean hailed from the the Bahamas to attend the Jacksonville Job Corps center to make a life for himself.  While at Jacksonville Job Corps he received his HSD and certification in the HVAC trade.

Upon leaving Jacksonville Job Corps Jean was able to get employment with the Jacksonville Housing Authority where he’s continues to work and be an exemplary employee.  Jean is well like and admired by his superiors and his fellow co-workers.  Jean is currently working full time and attending Florida State College of Jacksonville at night to get additional certification so he can eventually start his own business.

Mr. Villanoy is a devote christian and loves spending time at his church where he plays the trumpet.