Joliet Job Corps Center

Teaching Students How to Manage Aggressive Behavior

July 30th, 2016

At the Joliet Job Corps Center, members of the Student Government Association and the leaders of the Dorm Government recently have been participating in a training program called Managing Aggressive Behavior, or MAB.

Peer Leadership Coordinator Thanesha Sorrells and SGA President Steve Brown began the training with an overview of the topics. They then focused on the younger students on Center who are 16 and 17 years old and the best ways to help them succeed during their training.

During the second session, student leaders learned about the definition of power and what it means to be a selfless leader. The Joliet Job Corps Center’s Leadership program focuses on training student leaders to direct their peers. And the current group of student leaders are ready and willing to tackle the job.

They also are going to train their peers in the lessons of the MAB program.

Student Government Association President Steve Brown makes a presentation on managing aggressive behavior.

The goal is to establish a process where student leaders will hold MAB training for their peers on a weekly basis.