Loring Job Corps Center

Faces of Job Corps: Patricia W.

July 30th, 2010

Patricia decided to come to Job Corps when she tagged along with one of her brothers to attend a meeting and decided she liked what she heard. Patricia had never been exposed to a dormitory or classroom style atmosphere but she quickly adjusted and grew very fond of her time there.  Since she enrolled Patricia has

- completed the culinary arts program in a record 8 months

- obtained leadership level 1,2, & 3

- Served as Student Government  Store Manager

- Selected as the Outstanding Culinary Student for June 2010 Graduating Class

-  Selected as the Center Director’s Outstanding female graduate for June 2010

- Selected by her fellow graduates to be the student speaker at their graduation ceremonies

- Accepted in the local community college starting Classes Fall 2010

“At Job Corps I learned that I have potential. I learned how to achieve goals and develop a plan for them.  I have a goal to earn a college degree and be a role model for the rest of my family.”