Loring Job Corps Center

Loring Job Corps Center Military Prep. program assist Maine Aroostook Veterans

May 30th, 2012

May 21, 2012
On Monday morning, 17 members of the Loring Job Corps Military Prep. Program assisted the Maine Aroostook Veterans with their annual flag raising ceremony at the Veterans Cemetery located in Caribou, Maine. It was an honor for our Honor guards to be selected to be the sole participant of this event. The ceremony was completed to honor the family members and the deceased Veteran by raising their flags for display in the avenue of flags. The ceremony is a 30 flag ceremony and the students provided the color guard and flag raising detail for the event. This action is major honor for our students to participate in and the many Veterans’ families were grateful for the students dedication in supporting the veterans and the community. The event was covered by the local television station and was aired during the evening news. Reported by SGM Roger Felix, Military Prep Instructor.