Los Angeles Job Corps Center

Care Packages for Students at Home

July 24th, 2020

At Los Angeles Job Corps, it doesn’t matter if our students are away off center due to the pandemic, We Care. To no surprise, our center sent majority of our students who live on campus back to their homes to keep them safe. We miss having our  students on center but we know how important it is that we all remain flexible and try our best to adapt to social norms due to public health requirements. But, sometimes our students still need things at home they’d normally get from us or the needs of their family can be challenge for them. So, our center decided to send care packages to any student that was in need. With the lead of certain staff, our center shipped out plenty of boxes containing items we hope would help our students. Staff like our Recreation Manager, Mr. Langston took time to help fill boxes and helped ensure they were mailed out. There were many other staff that helped make this happen and it’s important that we all work together to help each other.