Los Angeles Job Corps Center

From Office Administration to Navy Jet Launching

September 26th, 2019

Los Angeles Job Corps Alumni Aliah visits after becoming a Air-Crewman

F-35 flying above Navy submarine

Social Development Manager and Residential Adviser with LA Job Corps Alumni reflect on their memories of when Aliah was a resident.

Aliah enrolled at Los Angeles Job Corps in 2017 as a minor and is originally from West Palm Beach, Florida. After moving to California to be with family, her along with her family, decided that going into Job Corps was a good idea. Once Aliah got in, she completed the Office Administration program and received her High School Diploma through the SiaTech program.

After she turned 18yrs old, she wasn’t sure what to do next. Aliah decided to join the Navy and was flown out to Chicago for Bootcamp and station in Pensacola, Florida. She wouldn’t of guessed that she would be working in Antisubmarine Warfare and Surveillance. Shortly after her work in that dept. she now works as a an Air Crewman launching and recovering F-35′s (jets) in addition to some maintenance.

When asked what was her biggest challenge in Job Corps, she said “…it was dealing people from different place because she was from Florida.” But she also said that “People should give Job Corps a try because once you’re here it’s easier to get your education.” Aliah didn’t have the easiest path toward her education, in fact she said “the best thing she got here was her High School Diploma.” She went on to say “I didn’t think I ever get my High School Diploma because I had dropped out of High School and was not enrolled for half a year.”

Visiting L.A Job Corps Center, Aliah was greeted with hugs and smiles from the staff that worked with her when she was a student. Staff remembered the challenges Aliah had faced but are so proud of her career path and continue to encourage her to succeed.