Los Angeles Job Corps Center

Tax Season

March 17th, 2020

Dakota is a TCU student and was happy to get his taxes done.

Smiling after filing taxes and awaiting tax refunds.

It’s Tax Season! There’s plenty of students that have worked part time jobs and received a W-2 in the mail, but they often don’t file their taxes. Why?!!! Most students are not aware of the various tax credits available for low income individuals or for being a parent/head of household. So this year, the Business Community Liaison scheduled guests from a local nonprofit to aid our students with filing there taxes. The Koreatown Youth Community Center’s Economic Dept. has a VITA Program, that helps community members file their taxes for free. With the help of our guests trained as CPA’s, they were able to assist 11 students file their taxes. We wanted to help a lot more students but some simply forgot to bring the necessary items for their appointments.  Nonetheless, we’re still glad that the small group that filed their taxes are awaiting their tax returns. Some plan to save their money and some students already have plans for the money on its way.

Most importantly, they’re learning the responsibilities of being independent and managing their finances for their own good.