Milwaukee Job Corps Center

Milwaukee Job Corps Students Tour Plant

June 28th, 2013

Milwaukee Job Corps Center students toured Zenar Corporation. Built in 1972 on the foundation of business integrity, a commitment to product excellence, and drive for customer service; Zenar Corporation has evolved into a major player in the Crane Manufacturing Industry. Welding student Quentin Thompson returned from the tour describing many of the things he had seen including the crane welding operations, CNC operations, forklift and warehouse operations, wiring and electrical operations, and sand blasting.  Thompson stated that the sand blasting room was the most interesting part of the tour because he had never seen anything like that before.  Thompson felt the tour was beneficial to his future plans and career goals because it gave him a “glimpse into seeing how they work in the real workforce.” Work Based Learning Coordinator, Wilfredo Vigil, arranges tours like these to help the students keep focused on their long-term goals during the training process and to open their minds to the many opportunities their certifications will provide for them in the future.