Muhlenberg Job Corps Center

Heavy Equipment Operation trade not just for the boys

July 3rd, 2019

Muhlenberg Job Corps facility has noticed a rise in females taking Heavy Equipment Operation trade over the past couple of years. There tends to be a stigma concerning male and female in the Heavy Equipment industry.  John Austin, HEO instructor, stated females operate just as well as males, and in some cases even better.  Shante Berry shared with BCL, Brian Hancock, the confidence that she has built in being able to operate equipment has carried over into other areas of her life. She now has confidence to do and be anything she wants in a career after Job Corps. The project in the picture shows Shante Berry and Shayla Myers packing the softball field with a roller, after the ground was worked up, leveled, and dragged by the Heavy Equipment Operation trade. Nick Toomey, Heavy Equipment Manager, stated, “From my experience with our students in the past few years, our female students tend to be more focused on their training, driven to be successful, and possess the operating skills required for the field that make them employable.”

(Muhlenberg Job Corps Students Shante Berry & Shayla Myers)