Muhlenberg Job Corps Center

Kitumaini Nturubika continues to succeed after Muhlenberg Job Corps

May 13th, 2019

Kitumaini Nturubika, a refugee from Congo, found himself at Muhlenberg Job Corps in May of 2012. Kitumaini used his time wisely and quickly earned his high school diploma, a certification in Medical Office Support and attained his Pharmacy Technician certificate.

After completing his trade, Kitumaini stayed on Muhlenberg campus while going through the college program at Madisonville Community College. While a student, MCC recognized his work ethic and hired him as a part-time computer and math tutor. After completing Muhlenberg Job Corps, he moved to Orlando to live with his brother and to attend a private college.

After a year living in Orlando, pursuing his undergraduate degree while working to support himself, hard times found Kitumaini.  Unfortunately, his situation became worse, and he lost a place to live.  Consequently, he had to drop summer courses, which he was supposed to take that year so he could work overtime hours. He had to sell his car to pay the balance he owed to the university. To prevent himself from becoming homeless and the possible chance of discontinuing his education, he tried a shot and applied at Berea College. It was only one week before the deadline to apply for admission. Fortunately, he got accepted and there his new chapter began.  At Berea College, he worked in the office of The First-Year Initiatives, where he supported first-year students and participated in the Mentorship Program.

I am happy to inform you that on May 5th, 2019,  Kitumaini graduated with a degree in Psychology and plans to go on to graduate school to earn his formal training of Occupational Therapy. Kitumaini’s ultimate goal is to earn an Occupational Therapy degree and a Psy.D in Health Psychology. Kitumaini would like to give thanks to Mr. Jim Price and his wife, Janet Price, for playing a major role in his education journey. Kitumaini has endured several trials throughout his life, but he stayed the course and succeeded. Kitumaini, you are a great example of what our students can accomplish and how job corps can produce success. The end result is JOB CORPS WORKS!