Muhlenberg Job Corps Center

MJCC Graduate Excels in Non – Traditional Work Environment

October 31st, 2018

Muhlenberg Job Corps Graduate Katlyn Rex ignored and defied all gender stereotypes when she chose to pursue welding as a career training option and enter into the field, not only as a welder, but as a highly skilled professional who stands out among her peers in the world of heavy industry skills.

Rex a local Muhlenberg County student, enrolled at MJCC in August of 2016. A graduate of Muhlenberg County High School she was looking to find success with no educational debt. She quickly found her niche in the welding shop and despite being small in stature, and a female in a male dominated work environment, her instructors quickly realized that she was fulfilling her calling.

“Katlyn is one of the best welders I have had come out of this shop. She tried hard, stayed focused, and did what was asked of her and then some.” Said Charles Wiseman, career technical training instructor for welding at MJCC.

Rex completed welding, took a second CTT program to earn her Class B Commercial Driver’s License, and graduated with both credentials along with her fork lift certification, and OSHA 10 certification in November of 2017. She accepted a few factory jobs before landing a position with Titan Contracting and working at various locations. This week, she is in Decatur Alabama working at the BP chemical plant due to an overheated pipe causing an emergency work request.

“We replaced and stabilized the pipe so we are sure it won’t happen again, and now we are packing up to head back to Kentucky where I will take an 8 hour class and then go straight to work on another job site this weekend. It is long hours, but it is a cool job and I make good money doing it too!” Said Rex.

When asked about how MJCC affected her life, Rex said, “I wouldn’t be where I am today had I not committed to the program at MJCC”. I knew from the time I arrived that I was going to get everything I needed and go to work making good money. I kept my mind on that until I was complete. It’s free! You can’t beat that. Good training. Good staff. And a high paying career, all totally and completely free.”

Rex stands out in the crowd as a go-getter. That is the difference between success and failure for MJCC graduates. It really boils down to “do you want it”.

MJCC Graduate Katlyn Rex