Muhlenberg Job Corps Center

MJCC Hosts Anti-Bullying Event

June 11th, 2018

MJCC Y2Y/S.A.V.E. club members, student government executives, and the student personnel department come together to bring awareness to the MJCC student body about the national problem of bullying. The special assembly educated students on the impact of bullying and taught them how they can be part of the solution not only with their classmates, but in their future work and social environments.

The special assembly started off with a bang when Cristian Mancilla, the MJCC student personnel manager, asked the crowd of nearly 300 students to close their eyes, and all who had ever been bullied were to stand up, then all who had seen someone else be bullied, stand up, and finally, those who have seen someone being bullied but failed to stand up for them, to stand up. When all questions were asked, nearly the entire crowd was standing, and they were asked to open their eyes and get a visual of the extent of the problem. Student Government performed an anti-bullying skit, and students watched a video about a young girl who was bullied and as a result, committed suicide. The audience was given statistics of the effects of bullying, and were provided tools to stop and prevent bullying from occurring among them, and in their communities.

The Muhlenberg Job Corps Center strictly adheres to a zero tolerance for bullying policy, but they go above and beyond to make sure that the students of MJCC do not become victims of bullying, or bully others.