Muhlenberg Job Corps Center

Muhlenberg Alliance for Progress Sharing Ideas with Muhlenberg Job Corps

February 6th, 2019

Brian Hancock, the Muhlenberg Job Corps Business Community Liaison, didn’t pass on the chance to meet with Gary Jones and Karen Robinson. Gary Jones is the Director of Economic Development for the Muhlenberg Alliance for Progress. Karen works alongside Gary as the Economic Development Officer.  Both are former BCL’s at Muhlenberg Job Corps and have a great amount of experience in preparing the workforce to be successful.

The original intent of the meeting was for Gary and Karen to help Brian with an overview of his new position at MJCC. Brian had some new ideas for the upcoming year and wanted an opinion from Gary and Karen, who are considered as two of the great BCL’s from MJCC’s past. They were able to talk about several topics like student success, job placement and work base learning.

Gary talked about several areas that Brian could focus on in helping MJCC students land high paying jobs in their field after graduation. Gary’s expertise in the field of workforce development helped Brian in a tremendous way in giving insight and knowledge of things to come. Karen shared ways to teach the local community, all the way to Frankfort, about how MJCC is preparing their students for life after Job Corps.

MJCC would love to thank Gary and Karen for all their hard work and their passion for Economic Development. They both have spent most of their lives giving back to youth, community, and the state of Kentucky.

(From L to R:Brian Hancock, Karen Robinson, Gary Jones)