Muhlenberg Job Corps Center

Muhlenberg Job Corps Students learn from Hospice

January 31st, 2014

On January 28, 2014 Don Duncan from the Muhlenberg County Hospice Organization spoke to the Job Corps students who are enrolled in the health careers field at the Muhlenberg Job Corps  Center.  Hospice is an organization that provides support and care for those who are in the final phase of a life-limiting illness so they can live as fully and comfortably as possible.  They help patients and families prepare for a death satisfactory to them. 

Duncan covered the following topics with the group:  admission criteria, levels of care, a dying person’s bill of rights, home care, and nursing home care, different stages of death and dying, grief education and bereavement support.  Duncan also mentioned a camp that Hospice sponsors every year for survivors and children of family’s who have passed on.  This camp helps those individuals with the grieving process, and how to cope with losing a loved one.  

In closing he discussed employment opportunities and that individuals would require a Certified Nursing Assistant certificate with long term or acute health care experience in order to gain employment with Hospice.