February 23rd, 2022

On February 2nd the NH Job Corps Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) class met virtually with Cassandra Tate, a 2002 Job Corps graduate. Over the past 20 years Cassandra gained a wealth of experience in the CMA field. She now works in Human Resources recruiting individuals for the medical field. Cassandra spoke about her experience as a Job Corps student and how the Job Corps program set her up for success. She explained how she took full advantage of the resources provided to her and ultimately obtained what she needed to create her professional career pathway. An important message Cassandra stressed to the students was, “Remember why you’re here in the first place. Once you do that, the other stuff going on doesn’t seem as important”.  Cassandra also talked about the importance of self-care and finding balance    between work and life outside of work.
The CMA students asked Cassandra a lot of questions around interview preparation, what to expect in their first days in the field, and self-care tips. Much appreciation goes out to Cassandra Tate for taking the time to meet with the students and us and for providing students with some insight on what it took to get where she is today. She is truly an inspiration!