NHJCC First Ever RV Gingerbread House

December 28th, 2021

Spencer created our very first RV Gingerbread house. Students were given a task to come up with something unique for a gingerbread house.  The idea came to Spencer while having a conversation with another student. Spencer’s RV has a lot of creative items that have never been before seen on NHJCC Gingerbread houses. For example, Spencer’s campfire has red and orange flames, using  lollipops. The Christmas tree is made out of Mike & Ikes. The tires are made using  black and white jelly beans. To top it off, all the glass is made from melted lollipops. Spencer even went so far as to have the windshield wipers clear the snow from the windshield. Its an incredible creation! We can’t wait to see what Spencer comes up with next.