New Orleans Job Corps Center

NOLA Job Corps Students Play Secret Santa for the Elderly

December 20th, 2013

In keeping with the spirit of the season, New Orleans Job Corps Center students employed the element of surprise to the delight of  the elderly residents of St. Anthony’s nursing home this week. The students played “Secret Santa” as they walked in unannounced bearing gifts- boxes containing 80 gift bags tucked under their arms.

“Yeah, I think they were surprised alright,” smiled Job Corps Culinary student Julie Joseph. “You could tell some of them are not used to getting visits from young people especially this time of year. I got lots of smiles and higs and holiday wishes. It felt great to give back to those in need.”

Gabrielle Batiste, also studying Culinary Arts, added with a beaming smile, “They definitely didn’t expect it. They were asking what was in the boxes we were carrying and if the gifts were for them. They were so surprised and excited. It made my week.”