Northlands Job Corps Academy

The Pies Fly at Northlands Job Corps Academy

June 30th, 2011

(Top row, L-R) Members of the Ladies of Success prepare for the attack of whipped cream pies; The Welding instructor is a popular target, The Outreach & Admissions Counselor gets covered; The Culinary Arts instructor sports a new hat.

(Bottom row, L-R) Academy Director Tony Staynings waits for the inevitable onslaught; The bombardment begins; Mr. Staynings wears the pies well; The Coach is covered.

Faculty and staff at Northlands Job Corps Academy in Vergennes, Vermont volunteered to be the targets of whipped cream pies to raise money for the student group Ladies of Success (LOS). Students paid from one to four dollars per pie, depending on the staff target of their choice. Dozens of pies were purchased and promptly found their way into staff members’ faces and hair. Academy Director Tony Staynings, despite commanding a premium price, was a popular target. LOS raised more than a hundred dollars for team-building and other special activities.