Northlands Job Corps Academy

Vermont Town Says Thank You to Northlands Job Corps

August 16th, 2011

When the town of Shoreham, Vermont needed some tree work done as part of its library renovations, they knew just who to call: the Urban Forestry program at Northlands Job Corps Academy in Vergennes.

“We’re making our library handicap accessible and needed two trees removed,” said Jason Paquette, Shoreham Town Foreman. Since Jason’s wife Annette works at Northlands, he knew all about its Urban Forestry program.

“The town was very pleased with the work they did,” he said. “Their work was excellent and they did a terrific clean-up job. We were very happy to have them.”

Mr. Paquette presented Instructor David Gross with a thank-you card from the Town of Shoreham, as well as a $100 gift card to a local pizzeria for the students to enjoy.

“We’re looking forward to having them back for future projects,” Mr. Paquette added.

Ian McGaughey