North Texas Job Corps Center


July 29th, 2020

Qua’Darius Alex-Harris smiles broadly as he says “Bon Appetit” to each of the residents at the Samaritan Inn located in McKinney, TX.  They come to the dining hall for their three meals that are prepared daily by the chef staff.  Qua’Darius, affectionately known by many as “Q” is one of the chef staffers at the inn.  The Samaritan Inn is home to individuals and families experiencing homelessness.  Qua’Darius started his career path at the Samaritan Inn whille enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at the North Texas Job Corps.  It was one of his work-based learning sites and he was hired based on his culinary skills, abilities and potential.

Qua’Darius enrolled at the North Texas Job Corps on July 10, 2018 and completed in 2019.  He knew from day one that Culinary Arts was the trade he would take.  He earned many certifications to include Kitchen Cook, First Aide/CPR, Food Handlers, and Safe Serve.  He was a top performer and leader in the Culinary class eventually being asked to help train other students, set up for special luncheons and special activities. This top performer earned his black chef’s coat given by the Culinary instructor to the top performing students.

Qua’Darius says that “my Job Corps experience was very calm, quick, and great.  It helped me with personal problems, taught me how to save, live and be responsible.  My future goals are to become better at my current job–there is always growing to do.”

Qua'Darius Alex-Harris

Qua'Darius Alex-Harris