North Texas Job Corps Center

North Texas Job Corps Graduate Heads to Cement Masonry Advanced Training Program at the Gary Job Corps

June 7th, 2019

North Texas Job Corps graduate Sabrina Carpenter joins the ranks of women pursuing careers in the construction industry.  Carpenter was accepted into the cement masonry advanced training program at the Gary Job Corps Center in San Marcos, TX.

Carpenter, from Desoto, TX, enrolled at the North Texas Job Corps in September 2018, in search of a stable career.  “I have worked two to three jobs at a time,” Carpenter explained.  “This generated feelings of being unstable so I decided to look for something that would help me acquire some skills and would also help me find a career.”  That’s when she discovered North Texas Job Corps.  “I love my cement masonry trade and I am so excited that I was accepted into the advanced training program at the Gary JCC,” Carpenter said.  While completing the cement masonry career technical training program at NTJCC, Carpenter earned the following certifications:  OSHA, Green Awareness, Disaster Relief and HIPI.  She also received some skid/bobcat training.

But Job Corps provided Carpenter with more than just job training skills, “Job Corps helped me to become more independent and also helped me to improve my time management,” Carpenter said.

“If you come to North Texas Job Corps and do what you have to do, it is a very beneficial program,” Carpenter said.  “My goals are to obtain a job in the union and have a stable job to help provide for myself.”

Her advise to current and future Job Corps students is direct:  “Chase your dreams or someone else will.”