North Texas Job Corps Center


February 5th, 2020

North Texas Job Corps Graduate Kase Hoggatt

North Texas Job Corps practices hiring Job Corps graduates.  Case in point is Kase Hoggatt who is a graduate of the North Texas Job Corps and is now working with the center’s facilities maintenance dept.  Hoggatt who currently works as a facilities grounds custodian at the center completed the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and the Security career technical training programs and served as a captain in the security program. While enrolled at North Texas Job Corps, Hoggatt received numerous awards and certificates of achievement, including being a dorm leader, recreation aide and Student of the Month and receiving the Career Technical Training Top Student Award, the Perfect Attendance Award and many more.  He also earned a number of nationally recognized certifications, including the Environmental Protection Agency Certification in HVAC, the HVAC Certified Tech in Refrigeration, and Level l and ll certifications in Security, which include proficiency in hand combat and use of pepper spray.  While working at Garda World Security  Company after graduation, Hoggatt earned his Security Level lll certification to carry a firearm.

He completed his work-based learning with the center’s Facilities Maintenance staff.  Hoggatt’s supervisor, Robert Pontbriant, Maintenance Manager, notes that “Hoggatt is a self-starter, has great work ethics, goes above and beyond, and is always willing to help out.”

“North Texas Job Corps gave me the tools and certifications I needed for the job I have today,” Hoggatt said.  Additionally, “my social skills improved because I became familiar with all the staff and students.  My experience at North Texas was long but really pleasant.  I met some of the best people while a student here.”

While Hoggatt likes his current job, he plans to further his career by becoming a maintenance technician.  “I want to be a ‘fixer’ of things,” he said.  Eventually he plans to branch out to do residential renovations.

Hoggatt noted that Job Corps presents great opportunities for young people, but they have to be willing to work to change their life for the better.