North Texas Job Corps Center

North Texas Job Corps Students Head to Advanced Training Programs

October 4th, 2019

Terrell Kinlaw

Wesley Hausey

Two North Texas Job Corps graduates are taking the next step to ensure successful futures by enrolling in advanced training programs offered by Job Corps.  Wesley Hausey completed the electrical trade and was accepted into the Smart Grid advanced training program at Oneonta Job Corps Academy in New York.  Hausey said “I came to North Texas Job Corps because I was unemployed and essentially homeless.  My dad told me about the Job Corps program and I signed up.  Electrical helped me prepare for advanced training by teaching me everything I need to know going into it.”  His goals include getting “a good paying job after advanced training so I can start the next chapter of my life.  My future goal is to keep on learning–that way I will always have a back-up plan.”

North Texas Job corps is one of 123 Job Corps programs in the United States funded by the Department of Labor.  NTJC is a residential facility where youth ages 16-24 train in the 15 different trades offered and can also obtain their High School diploma or High School Equivalent.  CAREERS BEGIN HERE…

Terrell Kinlaw also completed the electrical trade.  His advanced training plan aligned with his goal to become a diesel mechanic.  He was accepted at the Clearfield Job Corps automotive program.  Kinlaw worked in warehousing before enrolling at North Texas Job Corps but wanted a better job and more opportunities to advance.  “I have had a great experience at North Texas Job Corps and plan to do the same at the Clearfield Job Corps,” Kinlaw said.  “I want to get a great diesel mechanic job or engineering.