Old Dominion Job Corps Center

Temeyah is a unique young lady

September 10th, 2021

Temeyah is a unique young lady. She has survived working two jobs. While under COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions. She has shown a resolve to complete all tasks available to her upon her return to the Old Dominion Job Corps Center. She has earned and received her Driver’s License, as well as completing her Certificate for her Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. Later this month, she will be testing for her Phlebotomy certification.

On August 6th, the Academic Manager substituted for the TABE Numeracy classroom, which included Temeyah. While working through the assignments, it became apparent that she was having a problem seeing the work, because she had broken her glasses. Further questioning determined that her glasses were broken beyond repair and even super glue couldn’t save the day. The Academic Manager asked if he could have the frames to get someone to look at them. When he saw the pieces, he knew a professional vision expert was needed to assess the situation.
Thankfully, our local Walmart Vision Center technician, Ms. Campbell was able to help. She received the glasses, asked the Academic Manager to wait, and returned with the lenses in a new set of frames about ten minutes later. When inquiring about the cost, she simply waived the Academic Manager off and said there was “no charge”.
Thank you, Ms. Campbell and Walmart Vision Center for making a difference in our student’s lives.