Oneonta Job Corps Center

Bring on the GOATS!

September 25th, 2020

In 2018 Oneonta Job Corps started a brand new trip to the town of Gilbertsville where we participated in the latest trend of Goat Yoga! It was the perfect blend of animal therapy and beginner yoga. No matter what your fitness level or experience, this was one yoga trip that students did not want to miss. It became so popular that we started going once a month. It consisted of one hour yoga instruction where baby goats joined in on the fun. This really takes the focus off of anyone nervous about their downward dog pose because everyone is staring at the furry goats, not you! Every class was filled with smiles, laughter and an abundance of joy. After the class (and lots of goat selfies) the owners allowed you to tour the grounds. There are glamping tents, a barn full of other animals and a hammock park up on top of the hill. The Goat Yoga experience is both beautiful and fun.