Throughout the week of October 22, the Carl D. Perkins Construction Students walked many miles picking up trash around Jenny Wiley State Park. Students stated that they had no idea that there was that much trash along the beautiful lake shore within the park. The total amount of trash students gathered was enough to fill up two dump [...]

The illustration above shows the Potomac Job Corps Center students exercising their right to vote and let their voices be heard in the Washington DC general election. All students on campus were encouraged. Students were also encouraged to vote filling-out an absentee ballot in their state of residence if they’re a resident of another city [...]

Charleston Job Corps Leadership making a difference by serving the hungry Charleston Job Corps’ Student Government Association (SGA), served breakfast at a local soup kitchen called Manna Meal, in downtown Charleston for “Make a Difference Day”. Upon arrival, recipients aligned the walkway awaiting entrance for what could unfortunately be, their only meal of the day. [...]

Muhlenberg Job Corps Graduate Katlyn Rex ignored and defied all gender stereotypes when she chose to pursue welding as a career training option and enter into the field, not only as a welder, but as a highly skilled professional who stands out among her peers in the world of heavy industry skills. Rex a local [...]

The Arizona Black Law Enforcement (ABLE) Criminal Justice Conference was recently held at Mesa Community College. Along with about 19 students from the Phoenix Job Corps Homeland Security Department, Homeland Security Instructors Jason Montijo and Paul Arteche also attended. “It’s a conference put together for local law enforcement to discuss different topics in the law [...]

Potomac Job Corps Center is celebrating National Breast Cancer Month and the lives of Breast Cancer survivors. A meeting with students and staff  was structured to inform everyone about the myths and facts of breast cancer. Dr. Nolte, Potomac Job Corps Center Doctor spoke to everyone about  understanding that breast cancer is a disease in which cells [...]

Blue Ridge JobCorps Unity Day

October 26th, 2018

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, Blue Ridge Job Corps held a Unity Day on Friday, October 19. Throughout the day, staff and students were distributed into small groups, and moved from location to location across campus to participate in a variety of bullying awareness and prevention exercises. Privilege walks, positivity yarn, and [...]

Students at Potomac Job Corps Center visited the beautiful Gaver Farm in Frederick County, Maryland. Students were able to engage in Fall fun while learning. The Farm engaged students with free hayrides, Pick Your Own pumpkin and apples, Barn Grill and Bakery. Potomac Job Corps Center will look forward to visiting Gaver Farm next year!

U.S. Army Corps Face Book Post On October 9th, Carl D. Perkins Y2Y Student Ambassadors along with staff played games, gave out candy, and antiviolence bracelets to over 500 local youngsters at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers first Harvest in the Park Event. The Perkins Center along with other community organizations had a great events of safe [...]