HiSET instructor, Mr. Gauvin and the students collaborated (virtually) with the students from the Culinary Trade along with the Culinary instructor, Chef Aucoin to make ICE CREAM in a bag!  The kitchen chemistry lesson incorporated measuring and fractions with learning about physical change.  Shown here from HiSET is Jonathan Texter and Robert Sears and on [...]

A fun annual event in TCU!

January 19th, 2022

Thanks to Ms. Dion from the Transportation Communication Union trade, the annual Tee Shirt/Tie Dye event was a success!  What better Friday afternoon activity to do.  Students and staff got to wear the tee’s to show off the following Friday!  Great way to start the weekend!

Ms. Bradley has been there willing without hesitation or complaints to complete any task set before her, whether it’s moving boxes, supplies, painting on one of the dorms, or jumping around her schedule to assist on center. Ms. Bradley working with our students shows deep compassion and genuine concerns towards OD students. She is always [...]

Whitney M. Young has sent another student off to a bright future. Ngolo Nundu, a CNA student who earned his high school diploma at Whitney as well, has graduated and started his career. He was starting study on a second trade, however, he decided to ultimately leave with his current qualifications so he could care [...]

New year, new students, new dreams to fulfill: Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center is about to get underway for 2022. With our remaining students from last year safely returning to center to continue their journeys, Whitney M. Young has a lot of bright young talent to make this year great. But our ambitions are [...]

The Gary Job Corps raised money to help the Hays Food Bank.  We raised $1050 which provided Thanksgiving meals to 33 families in the Hays Community.

Gary Job Corps Panther staff and students raised money to purchase some gifts for the San Marcos Youth Shelter.  We purchased sleep wear and games.  The Gary Center is excited to spread Holiday JOY to the San Marcos Youth Shelter.

Gary Job Corps adopts a family of 9 from the San Marcos Salvation Army.  The Panther staff and students donated toys, bikes and money to spread the holiday JOY to the family.

Late in the night on December 10, 2021, two tornadoes touched down in Muhlenberg County with one traveling 17 miles across Bremen, a small town less than 20 miles from the Muhlenberg Job Corps Camus. The powerful storms leveled many homes and killed at least 11 people in Bremen, 77 statewide; making these storms Kentucky’s [...]

Ahmeena Moody Smith Age: 25 Hometown: Richmond, VA Region: Philadelphia Center: Blue Ridge Dates enrolled: 5/26/2015 – 12/16/2015 Training: Certified Nursing Assistant Ahmeena Moody Smith grew up in Richmond, VA, but her life changed drastically at age 9. Unfortunately, Ahmeena’s mother passed away at that time, and Ahmeena spent the rest of her childhood in [...]