Charleston Outreach and Admissions team members start the week off with Haircuts of Hope. Christina Hazelette states, ” this is one of my favorite outreach efforts to date!” Christina joined by a good friend who is also a beautician, Ashley Parker, along with co-worker Cassie Lawhon, CTS Specialist in the Huntington area, went to the [...]

Even though Liliane Umuhoza has not officially completed her Job Corps training, she already is working full time in the healthcare field. When Umuhoza was sent home after Muhlenberg Job Corps closed its campus because of the COVID19 pandemic, she immediately began to look for work. She was hired by Signature Health Care in Bowling [...]

Haley Townsend uses Job Corps to propel her to success Before Haley Townsend enrolled at Muhlenberg Job Corps, she was homeless. Today, she’s living in Lexington, KY, working for GALE Healthcare as a contract Certified Nurse Assistant, earning anywhere from $18-$23 an hour, depending on the facility she’s working at. “Muhlenberg Job Corps has not [...]

Admissions staff blend recruiting with volunteering Busy in August helping neighbors, spreading word about Job Corps Salem Zekariyas participates in the Orchard Manor food drive. The West Virginia Outreach and Admissions staff has blended recruiting and volunteering to help their communities and raise awareness about the training programs offered at Charleston Job Corps and the [...]

CPP instructors, Joan Williams and Abigail Ventura held a student engagement zoom meeting with potential students, on August 12th, 2020. Prior to the zoom meeting, a package containing a welcome letter, personal hand sanitizer, and a Charleston Job Corps face mask was forwarded to each of the potential students. The purpose of this meeting is [...]

Addition will help meet demand for advanced training Carl D. Perkins Job Corps is adding a second Advanced Security and Protective Services training program to its career technical training program options. This second program will help meet the high demand for Advanced Security and Protective Services training. Perkins Job Corps first offered the security advanced [...]

Word was received recently from a former student of Shriver Job Corps in Devens, MA.  Ruslan Angell wrote the following message to all current students: Hello Shriver Students, I am an Alumni and Valedictorian for class of 2019!  I wanted to share some insight into being a successful student at Shriver! 1. Focus on your [...]

After 3-4 months working from home for many “non-essential” staff at Shriver Job Corps in Devens, MA, an ice cream social was planned in late July.  Photos were taken as gratitude was extended to all for their continued dedication and commitment to the students during this challenging time.

Ramey Success Story

August 27th, 2020

Alexis Migut Graduate student from the Milwaukee Job Corps Student in the Certified Nursing Assistant and Medical Administrative Assistant program has attained full-time employment at Covenant Living Community, she will be making $16.32 an hour.