Three anointed women of God and Praise, visit our Cleveland Job Corps Center on Sunday, June 12th. Traveling from Milwaukee, Virginia and Florida to participate in a community gathering of the Prophets event here in town. They were very impressed with our Center, but, more so with the students and staffs happy welcoming and embracing [...]

Yesterday, June 16th, the new student body SGA had their first SGA Committee Meetings. Open forum style in the REC to familiarize our new student body and staff with all areas on Center. And foster engagement in making suggestions for improving these areas. These are Education and Training, Residential & Counseling, Recreation, Food Services, Wellness, [...]

On June 3rd, 2022,  Ms. Kimberly Peavy, Program Manager, and Talent Acquisition Scout for the Cleveland Clinic, that is “consistently ranked as one of the best hospitals in the United States”, was on Center.   Announcing  to our students, that the Clinic is opening up the pipelines for job opportunities throughout the Clinic;  for our Cleveland [...]

…imagine the possibilities continues to influence our new student body here at CJCC as we bring aboard our alumni to inspire and encourage SUCCESS amongst our students.  Starting off with a reminder that our soft skills are highly sought after by potential employers, we must continue to learn them and sharpen them.  First soft skill [...]

This past Saturday Finch-Henry Job Corps Center had the pleasure of setting up a booth at The Panola County Juneteenth Festival held in The Town of Sardis. There were organizations of all kinds offering both helpful information, assistance, and goods representing down on Main Street including churches, youth enrichment & community development groups, both national [...]

Finch Henry Job Corps would like to recognize and commend SE William Warrington on enlisting into the US Army! William was a great student and was admired by his instructors and other staff for being a model student. On 06/08/22 – 06/09/22, William attended Memphis MEPS in Memphis, TN to begin his enlistment into the [...]

Kaylie Nichols, a Charleston Job Corps student, came to the program with aspirations of becoming an obstetrician. At the age of thirteen, Kaylie realized the traditional educational forum in her hometown was ineffective. She discovered that the lack of teacher and peer interaction and lack of classroom materials would not provide the education required to [...]

Students teaching different angles, heights, etc. of hitting targets with a bow and arrow. Students really enjoyed the chance to do this, some of them for the first time. They were also provided with proper safety protocol when using any devices with ‘projectiles’.

Cleveland Clinic was in the house here at CJCC last week represented.  And the Clinic opens up the pipelines for job opportunities throughout the Clinic for our Cleveland Job Corps graduates,  as Ms. Kimberly Peavy, Program Manager, and Talent Acquisition Scout,  answers questions from interested students last week.  This mayor employer in Cleveland seeks to [...]