Philadelphia Job Corps Center

Philadelphia Job Corps Students Join Mayor Michael Nutter on Youth Summit Panel

March 31st, 2011

Philadelphia, PA – Clear Channel Radio Hosts Digital Youth Summit with Mayor Michael Nutter, Co-Sponsored with the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department.  There were lots of questions, comments and suggestions from all ages.  Mayor Nutter asked, what can we do to help you –what must we do to change? We wanted this summit to hear your concerns.  Marion Brown, Nadirah Davis and Shakira Holloway participated on the panel and were excited to share their comments, ask questions and provide solutions to on-going concerns of our youth.  Candidly, Marion asked, “Why couldn’t there be age appropriate venues for the adults to meet with us [younger adults] and discuss our interests and ideas which would be different from those in other age groups?” Quickly Shakira grabs the mic and stated, “It’s not hard to meet us half way, some disturbances occur because there is nothing to do or some young people are seeking attention.  One thing you could do is treat us like adults and communicate with us better.  For example, communicate by reaching out to us through Facebook, twitter, text us on our cell phone or email – have friendly gatherings where it’s safe”. The Youth Summit steamed live on the web in the clear channel Performance Studio hosted by Power 99 FM’s Director of News and Community Affairs.  Mayor Nutter and Commissioner Susan Slawson, City Park & Recreation along with the panel addressed questions from a live studio audience of youth 15-21.  Listeners asked their questions through Facebook and twitter about issues concerning, safety, jobs, education and after school activities. The Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation will also hold a series of forums in neighborhoods throughout the city to give teens a chance to tell the city what kinds of programs they would like the city to offer.