Potomac Job Corps Center

Meet Potomac’s Cement Instructor & Job Corps Graduate – Joseph Hart

April 27th, 2018

In the Summer of 2000, Joseph Hart enrolled at Potomac Job Corps Center as a non-residential student to learn a trade.  According to Joseph’s grandfather, “a man needs skills in this world, because skills pay the bills…”  Although he didn’t know what trade or skill he wanted at the time, Potomac’s Cement Masonry Trade got his attention due to the high energy and structure.

After only five months in the program, he was selected to start a Local 891 Plastering and Cement Mason’s apprenticeship as a Work-based Learning (WBL) direct placement.  During the three years as an apprentice, he earned his master Journeyman’s license.  He has worked for private and federal contractors all over the United States and Canada.  His work experience includes building roads, bridges, subway tunnels, skyscrapers, dams, water treatment plants, power plants, and residential maintenance.  Later, he accepted the Cement Masonry Instructor position for Ouachita Job Corps in Royal, Arkansas, where he worked for one year before being transferred back to Potomac Job Corps Center as the Cement Masonry Instructor!