Potomac Job Corps Center

Potomac Job Corps Center Student Government Association (SGA) Inspires Communication between Students and Staff

July 31st, 2020

By Barrington Tolliver

Potomac Job Corps Center Student Government Association (SGA) works hard to keep communication open between all students and staff to prepare for the reopening of Potomac in the future. The goal for the student government association members currently, is to keep building positive relationships between the community and everyone on center despite the challenge of the pandemic that everyone is facing. To continue building communication between staff and students during the pandemic, student government leaders are brainstorming several creative ways or activities to keep students engaged and learning but having fun while doing it. Student leaders have also tapped into the senior leadership staff meetings to communicate any student needs or concerns from the student body.

In preparation for the reopening of the center student government association members will continue to conduct virtual meetings and conference calls with students. Members of SGA are committed to making sure that student concerns are being heard and staff program planning is being received. However, there are other communication tools being used to connect with students as well but student leaders make a different connection with their peers. Potomac is proud of the commitment that student government members leaders have displayed between students and staff.