Potomac Job Corps Center

Potomac’s JCC Graduate – Yolanda Armstrong – Alumni – Success Story

August 7th, 2018

My father wanted me to go into the military. I felt the military wasn’t the right fit for me because I was a military kid and knew what it was like. So I decided to go to Job Corps. I entered Office and Administration trade at Potomac Job Corps Center and finished. After the completion of my trade I went on to do work based learning (WBL) at the Department of Labor. While attending Potomac, I was a dorm leader, a member of the Big Brother/Big Sister program and a part of Student Government Associate (SGA). I attended many rec trips and helped staff in all areas whenever needed. Once I completed Job Corps I worked at an incurrence office as a secretary. While working there, I met a Police officer who encouraged me to try law enforcement because the stories that were expressed to me sounded fascinating. Two months later, I found myself taking a test for police and correction training. I started school at BCC (Baltimore City Community College) in Baltimore county and completed my SPO (Special Police Officer) certification and went on to work at The Maryland House of Corrections and Brockbridge Correctional Facility for men. Job Corps prepared me by allowing me to follow others (staff) leadership skills to become a great leader who is still learning every day. I have learned how to be more patient. In the pass I always wanted to walk before I crawled but now I know if I want something I have to work hard for it.

“Do What You Have To Do Now, So You Can Do Whatever You Want to Do Later”