Sacramento Job Corps Center

Cement Masonry students build Round-A-Bout

August 31st, 2010

Ten students and a staff member from Cement Masonry pitched in to
beautify the South Sacramento area with a project to build a Round-ABout
at Scarborough and Alott streets. The two-day project, sponsored
by Councilwoman Bonnie Pannell’s office, took place June 24 and 25.
Students poured cement and installed river rock in the Round-A-Bout.
The project cost $1,427 for materials, and each student was given a $45
stipend. Students Tyrone Bason, Johnathan Braye, Melinna Myles, Daniel
Ontiveras, Edward Reed, Tony Wynn, Jay Zanate, Chris McClellan, Marik
Mooring and Chris Rocha, and cement instructor Doc Picket participated.