Shriver Job Corps Center

A 3-Trade Completer at Shriver Job Corps

September 13th, 2021

Luis Guerrero grew from an introverted person to a totally confident person!  He was that student who was insecure, lacked confidence, quiet, head down with a hood over it at all times.  He entered the trade of Carpentry first and completed in September of 2018.  He then went on to Office Administration and finished in 8 months in May of 2019.  Next he was accepted to an advanced trade (TCU) Transportation Communication Union and completed in August of 2021.  Luis was also a student employee at Shriver for Maintenance to help begin his savings.  Looking back in time, it is shy of a miracle that Luis would grow so much and become the confident, well vocalized individual that he is today.  Asking him about that history and what his thoughts were that helped him, he states, “I got sick of every staff member telling me to lift my head and to take my hood off”.  He started good thoughts and became stronger.  Eventually he felt better.  “I’m a person and I deserve to put my head up like everyone else.”  He also mentioned that his neck started to feel better as well.  The time has come that Luis completed TCU and started to interview for jobs.  He got a couple of offers and decided to accept a job at Curry Printing in Westborough.  This opportunity will be a great experience for Luis and will keep him in a solid comfort zone………..SHRIVER IS SO PROUD OF YOU LUIS!!