Springdale Job Corps Center

Springdale Graduate Spotlight- Timmy Khanthavong

September 4th, 2018

Timmy Khanthavong

Graduation Year: 2018

Trade: Protective Services

What did the graduate do before Job Corps?  What led him/her to the program?

I was in high school when I heard about Job Corps, I think I was 16. My grades started to slip so that’s when my parents thought it’d be a good place for me to go. They made a good choice letting me come to Springdale! My first impressions, this place is way out here! At Springdale, I felt like I could breathe and put myself in a position to do my work better so that I could be successful.

What did the graduate study at your center?  What extracurricular activities were they involved in?

It was a process, but I decided on Protective Services. I hope to be a Marine one day and thought Protective Services would be a good starting point.

Where the alumnus/graduate is currently employed? Did they pursue additional schooling (college) after Job Corps? (1-3 sentences)

I’ll be working for G4S, the company provides security for Tri-Met. What I’ll be doing is making sure the MAX platforms and MAX riders are safe as they commute.

How did Job Corps prepare them for work/school/military? (1-2 sentences)?

I’ve learned the academics and work skills, but Springdale has taught me about life and how to prepare for my future. Learning how to take care of bills, budgeting, finding a place to stay, and preparing for life.

How has their life post-Job Corps changed or improved? (1-2 sentences)

I thought I was useless, but Springdale changed me. My self-esteem improved the longer I was here because everyone was so friendly and helpful. With everyone helping me, I worked harder to improve myself and to make sure I didn’t disappoint the ones supporting me.

If possible, please include a quote from alumni/graduate detailing how Job Corps impacted their lives: Coming here helped me feel comfortable making a change. Being around instructors and staff who were willing to take the time to help me was a great feeling. Think of this place as a second chance to better yourself. I came here to change and that’s what I’ve done. Springdale helped me find courage to speak up for myself and to go after my goals.