Springdale Job Corps Center

Springdale JCC Establishes New Community Relations Council

October 29th, 2014

On Wednesday, October 22nd, Springdale JCC invited partner organizations, media, and employers on center to participate in the reestablished Community Relations Council (CRC).

“The CRC is an opportunity for the center to partner and collaborate with the businesses and organizations we work with to strengthen our relationship and to find new ways to partner,” said Center Director, Naomi Ulsted.

The new council will include Walgreen’s, the Gresham Outlook, Reynolds School District, and the Small Business Minority. “Not only do we want to see what assistance we can offer, we want to provide an opportunity for other members to network. We are looking to expand the council to include more community leaders, ” continued BCL Anna Snyder.

The CRC had held a Youth Employment Forum earlier in the year, and while events similar to the forum are planned, sitting down around a table allows center staff and CRC members to discuss organizational focus and concerns.

If you would like to learn more about the CRC or are interested in joining the Springdale Community Relations Council, please contact Anna Snyder at snyder.anna@jobcorps.org.