St. Louis Job Corps Center

It’s a Brick …. House!

March 29th, 2022

Well, not exactly, but close!! The old brick entryway that connects the administration building to the student quad had been damaged and was in need of repair or better yet, replacement. So enter Mr. Otis Peebles, Bricklaying Instructor, and his star student Torey Twiggs. Torey and Mr. Peebles completed the demolition of the old walls and are close to completing the new ones. Torey hails from Chicago and sees a career as a brick mason as a real possibility for himself. Upon graduation from Job Corps he is intent on furthering his education at the St. Louis Community College, but he thinks that an apprenticeship as a brick mason might accompany that education very nicely. Fellow student Markel Marshall, who has only been on Center for a short time, is in the process of making some career decisions of his own and since brick masonry is on his list he decided to shadow this project. As Mr. Peebles says, “If it isn’t made of brick, is it really worth building?!!”