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TLJC student success

March 29th, 2022

Our students here at Talking Leaves Job Corps have been working really hard to achieve their goals. Student Taryn Cunningham says, “TLJC helps keep her aligned with her life goals by offering the classes she needs”. Taryn was able to stay on coarse through COVID and obtain her GED on January 10th, 2022. She plans [...]

Richarson Ofori Bediako left his home country of Ghana to come to the United States.  He was looking for something to do with his life.  A relative told him about the Job Corps program and he enrolled at the North Texas Job Corps.  Bediako was focused and determined to change his life.  While at North [...]

Some of Collin College’s newest students are from North Texas Job Corps are, first row, Mariah Washington, Desire Juarez, Cornelius Johnson, Tittiana Gotlewski, and Jamie Lyons; standing, Jose Garcia, Ephrata Mengistu, and Sheldon Hartfield Thirteen students at North Texas Job Corps are fulfilling their dream to go to college this semester by taking advantage of [...]

Rogelio Meza was born in California but spent much of his younger life living in Mexico. Having lived in Guanajuato, Mexico and completing High School there, Rogelio could not get admitted college in the U.S due to schooling being outside of the U.S. Looking for alternatives, Rogelio was informed about Job Corps by siblings. Both [...]

North Texas Job Corps graduate Sabrina Carpenter joins the ranks of women pursuing careers in the construction industry.  Carpenter was accepted into the cement masonry advanced training program at the Gary Job Corps Center in San Marcos, TX. Carpenter, from Desoto, TX, enrolled at the North Texas Job Corps in September 2018, in search of [...]

During 2018 the Counseling staff at the North Texas Job Corps Center undertook the monumental task of taking 25 students monthly to tour college campuses.  For the majority of the students this was their first visit to a college.  The goal is to introduce students to ”college life”  and to allay some of the fears that the [...]

Treasure Island Job Corps was honored to have the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor Portia Wu on center. During her visit, Assistant Secretary Wu toured our culinary department and enjoyed a brick-oven pizza lunch on our Michelle Obama Green Acre Urban Farm. Ms. Wu spoke with culinary students about the program, their [...]

Kittrell Job Corps Center recognized Sharod Wallace during the All  Student Meeting on July 25, 2016. Mr. Norman Turner, Deputy Center Director, congratulated him and presented him with a Kittrell JCC  graduate ring. Sharod enrolled at KJCC in March 2015. He completed the Facilities Maintenance Trade with a primary certification and went on to complete [...]

The Joliet Job Corps Center’s Student Ambassadors traveled to Palos Hills, Ill.,  on July 25 to meet congressman Dan Lipinski and his staff. The Ambassadors wanted to talk to the Congressman about the Job Corps program and their studies, so they stopped by the Congressman’s Senior Fair at the Aviana Banquet Hall. Ambassador Zachary Mead-Prunty [...]

Felicitas Perez-Rodriguez transferred to TCU Advanced Training Program at the Gary Job Corps Center to begin her eight month training in Customer Service on May 17th. After completion, she will start internship at United Airlines.  She enrolled at Kittrell in July 21, 2015 and met all requirements to become a graduate. While enrolled, she obtained [...]