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Charleston Outreach and Admissions team members start the week off with Haircuts of Hope. Christina Hazelette states, ” this is one of my favorite outreach efforts to date!” Christina joined by a good friend who is also a beautician, Ashley Parker, along with co-worker Cassie Lawhon, CTS Specialist in the Huntington area, went to the [...]

CPP instructors, Joan Williams and Abigail Ventura held a student engagement zoom meeting with potential students, on August 12th, 2020. Prior to the zoom meeting, a package containing a welcome letter, personal hand sanitizer, and a Charleston Job Corps face mask was forwarded to each of the potential students. The purpose of this meeting is [...]

Charleston Job Corps students returned home on March 16th as the center joined other Job Corps centers nationwide in closing their campus to protect students and slow the spread of COVID-19. While the center closure has created hardships for many of our students and staff, two students in the Network Cable Installation program are using [...]

Charleston Job Corps graduate Maricela Perez is now working as a Reservist in the US Air Force and as a full-time civilian employee for Aircraft Structural Maintenance at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, KS. Additionally, she works part-time at a piano repair and a moving company called Sharps Repair. Her dedication, drive, and success [...]

Shaney Campbell, a Charleston Job Corps student, currently studying Facilities Maintenance, decided to test her skill sets. Shaney Campbell began using her training within her mother’s home, she painted several rooms, repaired shelving, refinished furniture, and other tasks to test her training. Shaney posted pictures of before and after projects to the Charleston Facebook Page [...]

James David Jackson, a 2018 healthcare graduate of Charleston Job Corps, is now working as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) on a neuroscience medical-surgical unit at the Charleston Area Medication Center. Jackson completed the Practical Nursing program at the Garnet Career Center in Charleston after completing his training at Charleston Job Corps as part of [...]

The Charleston Job Corps is sending ‘Care Packages’ to students who have 100% participation in distance learning. The Career Services Department of Charleston Job Corps Center has teamed up with the Training Department in an effort to support our students. We understand that our students are experiencing some setbacks, losses, and uncertainties about their future [...]

Charleston Job Corps Center Counselor, Wendy Malmberg makes face masks by using her sewing talent to help medical personnel, veterans, and the community.”Making face masks started as a way to protect my family and my co-workers and a challenge to myself to see I could do it,” Malmberg said. “I learned how to sew as [...]

Charleston Job Corps staff have been contacting active students since students returned home due to the pandemic. The reason for maintaining contact is to ensure student safety and to continue to express the importance of their studies. Students have been placed in Spring Break leave status with pay and continue to earn while away. The [...]

in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic, Charleston Job Corps Students will enter the realm of distance learning All students have been enrolled through the ‘Google Suite’ classroom platform and will begin distance learning effective May 11, 2020. Through distance learning, students will have the ability to earn Electronic Training and Achievement Records (ETAR) progress from [...]