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Most recently, Alutiiq held a Safety Poster Contest for their contracting centers, which submitted three entries each.  During Flint Genesee Job Corps Centers Student Award  Cermony held on November 21st,  first  place winner for the Alutiiq Safety Poster Contest, Emmanuel Bridges Trade, was presented a check for $500.00 from Thomas Tucker, Safety Coordinator for Flint/Genesee. Emmanuel, who currently is enrolled in [...]

The Hospitality Trade and their instructor assisted at the annual Foss Avenue Church Thanksgiving Dinner for the elderly, serving over 200 guest.  Among the guest included State Senator John Gleason, who commended the students for the fine service they provided.  The students took advantage of the moment to give updates of their progress and highlights [...]

Students from the Flint/Genesee Job Corps Center were featured in a special article making front page of the CPS Courier Newspaper on November 11th.  The Center participatedin events to include Habitat for Humanity, Carriage House Ministries, Keeping Genesee County Beautiful, Eastern Food Bank, Hispanic Technology, Weiss Advocacy for small children, Children’s Museum and more.  Students [...]

Students from the Flint/Genesee Job Corps Center were busy making a difference in various activities in our community, to include working alongside the Habitat for Humanity.  Students from the hard trades (brick, painting, and masonry) worked on their 4th new home and the restoration of another home, while students from the retail and security classes [...]

Two Flint/Genesee Job Corps students  were hired most recently after completing their work based learning assignment at the Starlight Restaurant.  The students did a great job and because of that, opened the doors for other students completing the program.  The students will be recognized at our next CRC meeting, which both the Hospitality and Retail Class assist with the [...]

The Flint/Genesee Job Corps Center was highlighted today in the East Village Magazine.  The article, titled “Job Corps Training Young People for Job Market”,  spoke of the various services and offerings of the  program,  highlighting student activities as well.

Four new homes are coming up in the city of Flint with the assistance of students in the painting, masonry, and carpentry hard trade training programs, working alongside the Habitat for Humanity.  The new homes, which are high energy efficient, will be rated for levels of efficiency, before the new owners move in the cost effective homes for those [...]

The Student Government Association (SGA) made a collection of monies from students and staff to give to the Weiss Advocacy Center, which services small children who have been sexually and/or severely abused, in a child-friendly and safe environment.   Students and staff were allowed to dress down for one day at a minimum cost – half [...]

The Flint/Genesee Job Corps Center, along with other centers in specific regions, was highlighted in the McNeely, Piggott, and Fox Newsletter on September 23rd.  The centers single-parent dorm and child care facility was highlighted. Erin and Amanda from McNeely, Piggott, and Fox mentioned they had discussion with students from various trades, as well as the [...]

The Urban League of Flint held a special ceremony to honor those high school students who did an exceptional job academically.   Among those honored were five students from the Flint/Genesee Job Corps, enrolled at the School of Choice High School, which partners with the center.  Alice Hitchcock, Shnell Lee, Desmashon Reynolds, Victoria Davis - named Salutatorian, [...]