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After Jordyn Trowel rang the bell signifying she’d graduated from Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center, her friends immediately rushed to take photos together. Though most students do get photos with friends and instructors as they graduate, with Trowel, they were even more enthusiastic than normal. It hints at one of the qualities that Career [...]

There are benefits to working somewhere that teaches students crafts – just ask Sabra Shields. Shields, who serves as Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center’s Property Supervisor, needed a shelf. She asked the carpentry instructor if it was possible for the students to build one. “I talked to Steven Rusch, the carpentry instructor on May [...]

It’s starting to look a bit more colorful on the Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center campus. Thanks to a beautification project coordinated by our Project Happiness committee, flowers and trees have been planted all around the campus. “We knew that we needed to do some prettification,” said Jamie Logan, executive assistant to the Center [...]

Most resolutions that pass through the Kentucky General Assembly are just a page long, as State Representative Jennifer Decker tells it. But when Decker needed to enumerate the achievements of Whitney M. Young Jr. for a resolution naming a stretch of US 60 in his honor, she found that there was no way to create [...]

At Whitney M. Young Job Corps, everyone is a little bit of a teacher. Take HR Manager Michelle Hendrickson. She does what you would expect an HR Manager to do at Whitney, between hiring new employees, acclimating them to the workplace, and other responsibilities, but on top of that, she’s also creating a class to [...]

On most Wednesday nights, Whitney students would be tidying their dorms for general inspection. But it was not most Wednesday nights. Whitney M. Young hosted its Take Back the Night Walk Wednesday evening, as students and staff marched around the campus to raise awareness of sexual violence, in conjunction with an effort from wellness staff [...]

School never really clicked for Christie Barlow until she tried Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center. But once it finally did, it changed everything. “I worked as a Cement Mason and I went for my GED,” she said. “When everybody else was doing typing and clerical, I was with the guys doing Cement Mason.” Before [...]

Orlando Kershaw’s career has taken him from Whitney M. Young Job Corps…to Whitney M. Young Job Corps. Kershaw graduated from the cement program in 2019. “I heard from a friend of mine. He went to a Job Corps over in Indiana,” he said. “For a while I wasn’t too sure. Eventually, I found my way [...]

For most people, it’s a bad thing to have your head in the clouds. But for Dylan Harris, it may just be the brightest future imaginable. Harris (Carpentry) has lofty dreams – both figuratively and literally. The Whitney M. Young Job Corps student wants to be an architect one day – and Job Corps is [...]

The new Whitney M. Young Student Government Association has been selected. The votes were cast last week, and now, Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center’s students have their new leadership in hand. Serving as president is incumbent Aliciakaye Bryant, returning for her first full term after filling in when previous SGA president Scarlett Emerson stepped [...]