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There are now many new Red Card holders in the State of Alaska and  they received their certification at the Alaska Job Corps. This is a supplemental tool in the Alaska Job Corps students’ toolbox.  The primary goal of Alaska Job Corps is to train and place students in careers.  In addition to the nine [...]

For weeks students have been building and creating products for sale for an economic lesson at the Alaska Job Corps Center.  As part of their training and academics, they planned, designed, and penciled out projects which they could afford (using training achievements) as currency.  Then they purchased their materials, built their prototypes, refined the design [...]

Amazing Workforce Summit at Alaska Job Corps Center “How did you get so many employers to this function?” was the frequently asked question at the Alaska Job Corps Workforce Summit on November 17.  The full size basketball court was packed with CEO’s, managing business partners, major employers and human relations managers from around the state.  [...]

Winter darkness is pervasive in the higher latitudes and along with the darkness comes feelings of sadness and often depression.  Recognizing this fact is a part of ongoing counseling and concern at the Alaska Job Corps Center.  We know that employment training and academic success depend fully on students’ health and outlook. Here are a [...]

The Alaska Job Corps program is more than a daily eight hour training program, five days a week. Both after class and on weekends, students continue to participate in leisure time activities with a purpose. Last weekend several students joined AKJCC Career Prep Instructor on an ascent of Matanuska Peak, 6119’. This is a strenuous [...]

Alaska Job Corps Accounting Services students practice precision and responsibility in their book and trade training. But they also practiced these exact same skills in a Public Service event, in conjunction with the United Way of Mat Su. 1027 backpacks were filled with school supplies for needy school age children. Each backpack was identified with [...]

Sometimes it is just ‘a way of looking at things’, which will actually expand and change one’s perspective. At the Alaska Job Corps, students are taught to look beyond the immediate horizon. They’re encouraged to investigate various options and side pathways. Sometimes a great career is not always down the straightest nor most visible career [...]

Alaska Job Corps students were doing public service, after the training day, for an elder with a goat farm. The students learned from the elder, helped with the goats and helped fix the fences. Public service isn’t always a flashy public effort. Sometimes it is just the crucial assistance to others– in a time of [...]

The Alaska Job Corps Center is one of the largest contributors to the Regional recycling facility in the Mat Su Borough. All classrooms, dormitory halls, residential rooms, administration and activity centers have their own building recycle stations with separation bins. This material is then transferred to nine Recycle sheds, located around the twenty acre campus. [...]

Excel is just software– until you see it in action. Twelve Alaska Job Corps Accounting students did just that–last week at the Matanuska Electric Association’s main headquarters. This was a hands on opportunity and students heard directly from employees in the general ledger section, payroll section, accounts payable section and invoicing. Listening to staff comments [...]