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There is nothing better than visualizing possibilities for one’s future.   This is especially true if you are about to launch into the professional career pool—like Alaska Job Corps students.  Over the last weeks, students have been fully participating in the annual February rite of the National Groundhog Job Shadow event.This is when all students [...]

There are now many new Red Card holders in the State of Alaska and  they received their certification at the Alaska Job Corps. This is a supplemental tool in the Alaska Job Corps students’ toolbox.  The primary goal of Alaska Job Corps is to train and place students in careers.  In addition to the nine [...]

The Alaska Job Corps Center does not take safety for granted.  Their program is far more comprehensive than the standard safety program focusing on standard trips and falls.  And that is why the Alaska Job Corps leads the way as a center with a strong safety culture. In any organization safety discussions can be tedious.  [...]

Andrew Bruketta is leaving the Alaska Job Corps for a job. And it isn’t just any old job. It is a highly skilled position, with excellent benefits, leave and expected to pay well over 60,000 a year. Andrew says frankly that Job Corps is whatever you make it. “Just show up and put in the [...]

It looked like a ski lodge at first, with people sitting on chairs and benches and wearing their parkas and hats.  Nearly two feet of fresh snow surrounded the building.  But missing from the ski lodge portrait was the fancy gear and bright colors. In fact some of the people had towels wrapped around them. [...]

Amazing Workforce Summit at Alaska Job Corps Center “How did you get so many employers to this function?” was the frequently asked question at the Alaska Job Corps Workforce Summit on November 17.  The full size basketball court was packed with CEO’s, managing business partners, major employers and human relations managers from around the state.  [...]

It was the International Day of Peace of September 21.  On the evening news you saw violence escalate in Charlotte, killings in Texas, assaults in Paris, weekend explosions in New York City; an air raid in Greece and hundreds of migrants, dying at sea while trying flee war and poverty.  And these were the big [...]

Thanks to Senator Murkowski, Alaska Job Corps is now enjoying a lot more reading material. There is no well stocked library at the Alaska Job Corps Center. But there are little collections of books in classrooms, dorm atriums, and in offices. Books are a precious commodity and the students just received eight large boxes of [...]

The Alaska Job Corps program is more than a daily eight hour training program, five days a week. Both after class and on weekends, students continue to participate in leisure time activities with a purpose. Last weekend several students joined AKJCC Career Prep Instructor on an ascent of Matanuska Peak, 6119’. This is a strenuous [...]

Twenty-two years ago Glenn Evans was a student at the Alaska Job Corps. This afternoon he was a mentor at the Alaska Job Corps for 75 students in the hard hat trades. Glenn is a successful business man, working for Columbia Hydronics Company. He started his career in the Facility Maintenance trade, studied Refrigeration in [...]