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Students are sending the staff at Wind River Job Corps BIG notes of thanks, after nearly every current (off-campus and on-campus) attendee received their lovingly assembled Care Package. It’s really the thought that counts! And WRJC sent LOTS of well wishes. Each package contained snack items – the things we all know they like best [...]

RIVERTON, WY – Instead of telling someone what they “should” have done when they feel down, let them know how much you admire their ability to push forward. Encourage others to envision and pursue goals. Instead of commiserating about a crummy day, help friends visualize a better tomorrow. These are the words of Encouragement, High [...]

If you’ve used anything glass today, you likely came in contact with Trona. If you took an antacid you ingested it. If you passed a water treatment plant, you saw a common place for its use. Trona is the mineral that results in soda ash, which has many everyday uses in our lives. The world’s [...]

For many Wind River Job Corps students, who are currently distance learning from home, the demonstrations around the nation are creating an emotional response. But the range of responses are broad – from enthusiastic energy hope for change, to fear and hurt watching videos of violence. Our mental health support staff in their outreach efforts, [...]

Wyoming, where Wind River Job Corps is located, is know for Wind, Wide-open spaces, Wilderness and Weeds, from which the campus is not spared. So one sunny day last week, the office staff were invited to support the work of our maintenance and grounds-keeping team. by pulling weeds. Reward for the effort (in addition to [...]

INTO THE WEEDS: The Wind River Job Corps, in an effort to effectively guide job placement partnership initiatives, dug deep into data provided by Wyoming and Colorado economic and workforce development agencies. The data analysis represents a first step in the plan for developing strategic industry partnerships for the benefit of Wind River Job Corps [...]

With students off-campus for distance learning, our career prep coaches were concerned about providing new students a tour of our trades. Maybe photos in a powerpoint would do the trick, but how do you provide the flavor and personality of each trade, how do you make them come alive? Trade instructors answered those questions by [...]

“How many Zooms did You do this week?” has become a common question amid CV-19 concerns, and the go-to channel for community meetings. Early on in the pandemic, digital meetings were welcomed. Three months, and multiple layers of community involvement later, local Community Relations Council participants are getting zoomed-out. Even so, we had a need [...]

“Every out-of-state job corps graduate, every Wyoming student, offers the State of Wyoming an opportunity to broaden and deepen its talent pool. And in so doing, bolster economic development efforts.” This was the message Cathleen Cline, Business & Community Liaison for Wind River Job Corps, offered to the Governor-appointed Wyoming Workforce Development Council at their [...]

The National Job Corps Association grades centers for their community and legislative outreach efforts on a quarterly basis based on points compiled for work completed. Each center must reach a minimum number of points to meet “gold” status. MTC (WRJC’s management contractor) has additional requirements to reach “MTC gold.” Wind River Job Corps has met [...]