Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corps Center

Whitney Young Job Corps Brick and Cement Grad Accomplishes Goals

October 7th, 2018

Whitney Young Job Corps Brick and Cement graduate, Torran Cox, is officially a member of the Local 4 Union thanks to the career technical training he received from his Brick and Cement instructors. Cox first came to Whitney Young Job Corps in May of 2017 after working various manufacturing jobs in his home state Tennessee that left him feeling dissatisfied. Being that Cox enjoys working outside doing meaningful work with his hands and leading others, he naturally wanted a long lasting career in the construction industry.

According to Cox’s Brick trade instructor, Chris Gray, Cox was focused and destine for greatness. At 23 years old, Cox is now employed with BAC Union in Louisville, KY in their Apprenticeship program and is contributing to two retirements for his future. On Cox’s second day on the job, Cox’s employer wanted to give Cox a raise, because of his skill level and job performance. They were shocked, to say the least, at Cox’s trade skill level being at only 50%, being that Cox displayed tremendous knowledge of at least 70% within their apprenticeship program. Cox immediately started on a wall next to a journeyman because Cox is “making the company money” and has a zest for a career in the construction arena.

During Cox’s interview, BAC Union wanted to hire and start Cox the next day, but waited until Cox fully completed his brick trade training. Since being at Whitney Young Job Corps Cox has completed the following certifications: OSHA 10, Cement Mason Pre-Apprenticeship, Bricklaying Pre-Apprenticeship and the Union Apprenticeship program. Cox also had the opportunity to fine tune his leadership skills as the shop foreman in both the Brick and Cement trades, as a dorm leader, and while participating in 2 long term work based learning assignments establishing a great reputation for himself and the Job Corps program. All of Cox’s life and work experiences has helped Cox to excel as his career begins.

While at the Whitney Young Job Corps Center, Cox received his driver’s license, and was fortunate to have worked at several work based learning sites giving Cox the opportunity to save 80% of his salary and purchase a vehicle. Having reliable transportation is a huge component for employment in the construction industry.

Chris Gray, Cox’s brick instructor said “I am glad I was able to help guide T.O. and enjoy working with him. He was a great student to have on my team”. Cox calls his Brick instructor every day to show his appreciation of the valuable training he received.

Cox is very grateful for the apprenticeship opportunity and looks forward to becoming a journeyman is less than 4 years.