Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corps Center

Ring that bell: Ngolo Nundu graduates

January 10th, 2022

Whitney M. Young has sent another student off to a bright future.
Ngolo Nundu, a CNA student who earned his high school diploma at Whitney as well, has graduated and started his career. He was starting study on a second trade, however, he decided to ultimately leave with his current qualifications so he could care for his mother.
Nundu, who has started a job at UPS and plans to continue his education by going to college and studying finance. He learned a lot of valuable lessons at Whitney, he said.
“How to live, how to budget, how can I do better for my future,” he said. “They helped me for a lot of stuff I didn’t know.”
According to Training Director Stephen Burch, Nundu was a standout student. He entered the program still learning English, but he never let a language barrier – or any barrier – stand in his way.”
“Ngolo was a student who was self-motivated. He consistently took his time to really soak up all the information,” Burch said. “When there were skills that needed to practiced, he was the first in line to brush up…He hardly ever missed any classroom time or evening and weekend tutorial program.”
But it wasn’t just his devotion to his training that made Nundu a standout.
“In addition to that, he was a very kind, gentle person who was very easy to talk to, very thoughtful, very kind,” Burch said. He always had a positive attitude and still does to this day.”