Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corps Center

Students participates in remodeling Center

February 24th, 2021

On behalf of  the Carpentry and Cement Masonry trade, students are working diligently to complete center projects.

Carpentry class, instructed by Mr.Rusch, replaced the old wood of the recreation deck. Students are utilizing tools and skills such as: drill, measuring tape, math, circular saw to help replace the wood of the deck.  The students who participated in carpentry project are: Allan Grundy, Vaughn -Ray Stenett, Gabriel Steffan, Dylan Wohlrab and Emmanuel Michael.

Cement Masonry class, instructed by Mr.Gaines, cementing  a sidewalk in front of the dorm to help traffic flow. Students have to follow several steps in laying cement for sidewalk. As you can see in the photograph students are leveling the ground before placing cement for the sidewalk. Student use skills and tools such as: float trowel, ability to read tape measurement, come- a-long tool, grading and leveling.  The students who participated in cement masonry project are: Detereon Wray, Jamarius Marshall, Jaylen King, and Jacob Smith.