Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corps Center

Whitney Welding Grad has Great Dreams

April 13th, 2018

Anthony Davis started Whitney Young Job Cops in March of 2017 thanks to his pastor and an acquaintance who suggested he attends Job Corps. Anthony at the time was in his early twenties on his 5th year working in a furniture factory to help support his mother in paying bills making 11.95 an hour in Danville, KY. To many folks 11.95 may be fine, but for Anthony living pay check to pay check was not fun. Anthony did want he had to do to survive, but he wanted better for himself and his mother. Anthony was desperate for a change and wanted to chase his dream of a career in welding. So when the opportunity of Job Corps came he enrolled.

While at the Whitney Young Job Corps Center Anthony earned 4 welding certifications and created many meaningful memories with his peers and instructors. Anthony has been accepted to advance training at Excelsior Springs, MO and departed this week. Anthony acknowledges his LORD and thanks his mother for being instrumental in his life. We will greatly miss Anthony for he is a GREAT gentleman with GREAT things ahead for his future. Anthony’s career plan is to weld with the railroad after advance training.