Monday is Wind River JC’s TalkAbout Coping Day

March 24th, 2020

Our monthly TalkAbout e-newsletter turned daily in an effort to maintain the student connection while on Spring Break (see previous blogs). With a content plan in place now, we’ve designated Monday as TalkAbout Coping Day. Each Monday students will receive messaging that provides them tools for coping with events or issues that may take place in their home environment. For example, we’d like to reframe their time off as Work-At-Home time, and so have provided an example of how they might structure their time. The idea is to maintain the employ-ability discipline establish at Wind River Job Corps while fighting boredom. We are also encouraging them to consider community service, which may start at home. Students are also invited and encouraged to maintain contact with their coaches as we provided staff email addresses. This allows the e-news to support one-on-one efforts of staff.

image of newsletter providing work at home time planner

Monday is TalkAbout Coping Day for WRJC student newsletter. Check back for additional images as Spring Break continues.