Partnership Targets Receive Wind River 2020 Reference Guide

May 13th, 2020

RIVERTON – In mid-2018 600 human resource leaders were asked about the state of their hiring process and about difficulties identifying qualified candidates. The survey found that half (52%) of employers feel there is a skills gap. Pre-Covoid 19, U.S. job openings continued to rise with many jobs going unfilled. It is hard to build a business when appropriate talent is unavailable.
Our job here are Wind River Job Corps is two-fold: 1) Help develop the skilled workforce that the U.S. economy requires to thrive, and 2) Work to break the cycle of poverty by providing eligible young people the hard and soft skills they need to succeed in today’s workforce.
In the process of soliciting more high-volume placement partner relationships, and expanding existing relationships for Wind River Job Corps students, we developed a 2020 Reference Guide, that makes it easier for workforce and economic development proponents in Wyoming to find the important information about the Job Corps that will enhance their efforts. The Wind River Job Corps 2020 Reference Guide provides basic information about the center operations as it relates to developing a workforce. Each trade is briefly described in the opening pages as well as certifications. Complete TARS detail is included in later pages. These are important when a business solicitor is looking to develop a talent pool for a specific industry, helping them understand exactly how students are prepared. There is also a graphic “tour” of the center in Riverton as well as student success stories and recruitment materials. Contact information in the first section. The Guide is made available digitally on a thumb drive or in print format upon request.
This is one new resource created to aid partnership development efforts.

Complete guide of workforce capabilities at Wind River Job Corps 2020