Wind River Job Corps Students head out for Spring Break

March 17th, 2020

The WRJC saw a mass exodus today as students headed home for Spring Break, as a CV-19 precaution. The event was orderly and fast-activated with just a few hours prior notice (about 12 hours from the mass departures). Every body on campus chipped in to help with notifying parents of minors, processing required admin paperwork, making travel arrangements, providing travel snacks, updating contact info and especially assisting with the quick-packing of dorms. The efforts by students and staff was both positive and efficient. We’ve also developed a DAILY communication newsletter that will be sent out using WRJC student emails as well as social media. The tool is important in keeping students connected to the center throughout the break period. Students were reminded to check their email daily for updates. Newsletter with rational for daily communication during spring break