Wind River Provides Students Mental Health Awareness

May 11th, 2020

Especially as students are dealing with some of the stresses of home, which can include homelessness, conflict or just boredom, raising awareness of mental health is especially timely. Wind River Job Corps wellness counselor Jeff Stone helped us procure content available to recognize May as Mental Health Awareness Month. This very helpful coping content is being made available to students through our daily e-newsletter, Wind River Job Corps TalkAbout, in weekly increments.

TalkAbout Coping helps students identify feelings

60% of people experienced a traumatic loss in the past 3 years. TalkAbout helps students process losses they may encounter.

Stress comes in layers. Students learn that developing routines helps remove some of those layers in this TalkAbout.

Empathy-building is part of the WRJC current focus and learning to support others aids that effort.